Size Guide

If you need help selecting a size, please refer to our size charts below as a guide.

As babies grow so quickly, often age is not the best indicator of size therefore our size charts include a weight and height guide to help you choose the right size.


Sizes 0000-4

Size             Weight    Height           Age Guide          
0000 up to 4kg       up to 55cm       Newborn
000 4kg-6kg         up to 62cm  0-3 months
00 6kg-8kg         up to 68cm  3-6 months
0 8kg-10kg  up to 76cm  6-12 months
1 10kg-12kg  up to 84cm  12-18 months
2 12kg-14kg  up to 92cm  18-24 months
3 14kg-16kg  up to 100cm  
4 16kg-18kg 

up to 108cm


Hat Sizing

  S / Small / S-M M / Medium / M-L L / Large
Newborn hat sizing 0-6 mthsmonths 6-12 mthsmonths  
Baby hat sizing 0-6 mthsmonths 6-12 mthsmonths 12-24 mthsmonths


Small               Medium             Large            
0000-000 00-0 1-2


Sleeping Bag Sizing

Description Small     Medium Large   
Hem at widest point 45cm 50cm 55cm
Total length - Side neck to hem 80cm 90cm 100cm
Sleeve length (if applicable) 23cm 29cm 35cm
Age guide 3-12 months 12-24 months 24-36 months

Premi Sizing

Weight Height Head Circ Foot Size
Up to 1kg Up to 40cm Up to 28cm Up to 7cm 0000000
Up to 2kg Up to 45cm Up to 32cm Up to 8cm 000000
Up to 3kg Up to 50cm Up to 36cm Up to 8cm 00000
Up to 4kg Up to 55cm Up to 40cm Up to 9cm 0000


Shoe Sizing


Small Medium Large
3-6 months 6-12 months 12-18 months


Shoe Measurements

Mesuremement:  Small Medium Large
Upper tow length 10.25 11 11.5

Side heel depth

6 6.5 7

Shoe opening length at narrowest

4 4.5 5
Shoe sole length 10.5 13 13


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