This year we are proud to team up with a brand paving the way in sustainable play. Castle & Cubby’s beautiful homes for little ones utilise salvaged and sustainable materials in bright, unique designs to inspire fun, creativity and imagination.

What was the inspiration behind the castle & cubby brand? The catalyst for your first day of business?

 After building our son a recycled apple crate cubby house, almost 5 years ago, we recognised that others might also enjoy the sustainable nature of the play space. A little ad on eBay to make some extra cash turned into the first stages of Castle and Cubby within 6 months. We have worked so hard to build the brand into what it is now, a sustainable brand focusing on inspiring imagination in children across Australia.

Tell us about your beautiful cubby houses, how did you come up with the designs?

With 2 young boys ourselves we recognise that children learn and grow through imitation. They imitate us, they imitate the roles they see people play and the jobs they perform. Cubby houses, mud kitchens, sandpits etc are so attractive to children because they can mimic the adult world in a safe space. Our designs are born of creating spaces that children can play out those adult roles - a bakery, a farmers market, a beach hut, a little house.

In our own environment we also favour style which is why our kids spaces will always be easy on the eye - You can thank us later Mum and Dad ; )

How has having little ones influenced the evolution of your brand?

Their future is obviously so important to us, so by virtue of their existence they have encouraged us to build a business that impacts loads of children and families on a positive level. Everything we currently do and everything we plan on doing is to create a better world for them. So they are pretty damn important in the evolution of Castle and Cubby.

 What does ‘home for Christmas’ mean for you and your family?

 Probably a lot more than you can imagine! The lead up to Christmas is insanity around here. We work late nights, all nighters sometimes and right up until Christmas ensuring as many families as possible can have their Christmas dream come true. Oh and we work for Santa as well (don’t believe the hype the guy is a tyrant). So come Christmas being at home with each other and our families and friends is pure bliss! We absolutely savour it.

 Do you have any tips for living and giving more sustainably this Christmas?

Teaching our children the lessons of abundance and giving to those in need can be one of the greatest and most sustainable gifts you can give.

The best gift we have just given ahead of Christmas this year is a cubby house to a women’s shelter in Melbourne. Women who for a range of reasons from homelessness to abusive partnerships seek refuge in women’s shelters rights across our country and they come with their children. They are seeking safe spaces where they can recuperate and rely on resources to assist them in building their future.

If you would like to give to a women’s shelter this year please get in touch and we can point you in the right direction.

For more information on the Castle & Cubby brand, be sure to take a look at their blog here.

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