When facing unpredictable trans-seasonal weather, the key to making sure your little one is comfortable is to create the ability to add or remove layers. Playing with the different textures and creating multiple layers will not only ensure they are happy and comfortable but will allow them to play with ease.

Starting with a singlet is always a good choice, no matter what the weather. A tight- fitting ribbed singlet that hugs your baby or toddler close will keep them warm in the chilly air. Organic cotton is good for layering as is it more breathable than synthetic materials. It allows the air to circulate around the body and absorbs the sweat, leaving your little one comfortable. The natural fibres will also allow your child’s delicate skin to breathe, which leave them fee to concentrate on having fun.

 Flexible pieces are a must when the weather is unpredictable. By adding a growsuit or a bodysuit, you can cater for all types of weather and mix and match with other layers of organic cotton clothing. From t-shirts or long sleeve tops to trousers and the ever perfect adaptable piece, the cardigan, your little one will be ready for any type of play.

Our new spring range has our beautiful soft quilted track pants that go perfectly with our organic bodysuits. Mix our 100% organic cotton quilted overalls with t-shirts for those chilly days.  Our slouch leggings for both your baby and toddler, can be mixed with our 100% organic cotton t-shirts and by adding our soft cardigans, your little one will be prepared those days that warm up slowly.

Your toddlers will love our 100% organic cotton polo shirts that range in three main colours to fit their bright personalities. These can be mixed and matched with our track pants, slouch leggings and denim jeans that are perfect for fighting off the chill, while still leaving enough freedom for play. Our 100% organic cotton windcheater or calypso cardigans can be worn for a pop of colour and of course, to keep your toddler warm in the chilly mornings or afternoons.

Don’t forget to pack a blanket for added warmth on those cold mornings, as well as brightly coloured sun hats for when the sun breaks through—this will ensure your baby remains protected while they enjoy the sun.

Regardless of the weather, organic based clothing is always ideal. It is breathable, comfortable and will allow your child to move to their hearts content. It is gentle on soft skin and great to layer, which is always helpful when the unpredictable weather.