Summer in Australia is by far my favourite time of year, it always has been. We have longer days, balmy nights, we celebrate Christmas, my birthday and the long awaited end of year holiday is only moments away.

Excited questions like “Where are you going? How long are you going for?” are ringing in our ears everywhere.

We have waited the year for this trip and naturally we can not wait for the sun, to recharge and relax. But then what happens when this holiday is over? We revert back to our old state, our holiday becomes a distant memory and the yearly cycle starts again.

I recently realised that this end of year holiday is what often keeps us going throughout the year. We plan for it, we dream about it and we count down the days towards it. Similarly, I’ve learnt that a majority of people share the same sediment about weekends. We bookmark our weeks with our weekends and totally miss the joys of life in between. I felt these same feelings a few years ago until I decided that I no longer wanted to operate on auto-pilot everyday. Time was going by so fast that I wanted to experience every day of every week especially with my young daughter.

So how can you create your own mini getaways every day in your life so you can feel recharged and re-energised? Here are my best tips:

Get yourself outside - getting out in nature even if it is in your backyard has significant health benefits. We spend so much of our life indoors, in front of computers, watching screens that it contributes to low moods, motivation and more seriously depression. Getting outside for even 5 minutes a day will boost your energy, mood, creativity and focus. Better yet, if you can move outside, either a walk or another form of exercise, then you will be boosting your health tenfold from being outdoors and moving your body. 

Make yourself a refreshing smoothie - nothing says holiday more than a refreshing fruit smoothie. My go-to is berry smoothie which has coconut water, handful of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, half a banana, coconut yoghurt, chia seeds and a dash of honey. Hello, freshness!

Sleep well - we all know the message that sleep is imperative. Unfortunately, when we have little ones, deadlines or special events on, the first thing we cut back on is sleep. Sleep is important for our mood, energy levels, focus, well-being and happiness. Creating a solid sleep routine is the key to a good sleep pattern, which involves going to bed the same time each night and waking the same time each morning (easier said than done!). If you are with a baby, its prioritising sleep during the day at every moment when you can.

Meditate - having done meditation solidly now for the last two years, I am such a strong believer in its benefits. Most people think that something has to happen with meditation or that they need to stop thinking whilst they meditate. The only thing that happens with meditation is that you connect to yourself, to the moment and to your thoughts. You realise that you are more than your thoughts and meditation helps you to collect, discard and arrange your thoughts. It takes you to a place outside of the chaos in your head, the to-do lists, the things you haven’t done. A simple meditation can be taking two minutes to simply breathe deep.

Find Your Passion - Having something that you do for you, is the gateway to great health and happiness. Running is my passion and each time I run I feel like I am so far away for the day-to-day mundane life of chores, tasks and work. We spend a lot of time supporting our kids and partners in their passions that we forget our own, so I challenge you; what could be your passion if you allowed yourself to explore it?

Practice gratitude - gratitude is the quality of being thankful. The practice of gratitude allows you to appreciate the things, people and love you have in your life. Typically, we focus on the things we don’t have and we create this scarcity mindset of constantly being without. But when you can appreciate what you do have, it changes your perspective and your awareness and gratefulness grows. Also, I believe that the world and the universe take notice when we come from a place of gratitude. One way to practice gratitude is to make a list of about 50 things you are grateful for, big or small. Actually, the more simple the better.

There you have it, Natalie's top tips for creating mini-getaways in your everyday life so the long awaited end of year holiday doesn’t seem so far away. You may choose one of these to get started on or you might try a couple. The most important thing is that you open your eyes to the possibility of being able to enjoy every day without wishing it away.

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