SIDS and Kids recommend that parents DO NOT use pillows, doonas, soft toys, quilts or bumpers in a cot, to ensure that a baby’s head and face remain uncovered. A blanket tucked in firmly provides a layer of warm, while safe baby sleeping bags are a wearable blanket for your bub, which cannot be kicked off during the night.

A safe sleeping bag should have a fitted neck and armholes/sleeves, without a hood. To check the size of a sleeping bag on your little one, ensure the neckline cannot slip above the shoulders and over the child’s chin. The snug fit of a sleeping bag means that your child’s temperature is kept constant and sleeping babies cannot be tangled or smothered by loose fitting blankets. Research has shown that safe baby sleeping bags also delay baby rolling onto their tummy during sleep until baby’s passed the age of peak risk SUDI.

Frequent use of a safe baby sleeping bag also helps to create a nightly ritual; a portable comforter for your little one, whether transitioning from bassinet to cot, out during daytime sleeps, or when travelling - the familiarity of the snug sleeping bag comes with your child and makes for easier sleep patterns to develop. The seat belt slot on the back is another great benefit of a Purebaby sleeping bag, allowing you to safely move your little one from a pram, to car seat, to cot, without the need to undress them when fastening seat belts. 

Sleeping bags are available in different weights, to ensure your child is sleeping in a comfortable temperature throughout the change of seasons. Most sleeping bags use a TOG rating to measure their warmth and thermal resistance. A number of factors determine the TOG rating of the baby sleeping bag that should be used, including the number of clothes your baby is wearing, the temperature of their bedroom and your baby's health.

Purebaby sleeping bags are made from 100% organic cotton, in winter and summer weights, to allow your child’s skin to breathe and minimise over-heating. The table below will help to find the recommended room temperature to accompany our TOG rated sleeping bags.


TOG Rating Guide

TOG Rating Recommended Nursery
Temperature °C
0.5 24 - 27
1.0 22 - 26
1.5 20 - 24
2.0 18 - 22
2.5 16 - 20
3.0 14 - 16


Sleeping Bag Size Guide



3-12 months


12-24 months


24-36 months

Chest width under the arm - Circumference




Hem at widest point




Total length - side neck to hem






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