1. Pure Love Rewards

    Pure Love Rewards

    Join the Purebaby family today to receive exclusive access to promotions, rewards and events.

    This is our way of saying thank you.

    To join, simply subscribe in-store or online

    Once you become a Pure Love Rewards member, all qualifying purchases will  contribute to your end of season status.

    Our program offers the following rewards:

    Rewards Table

  2. Frequently Asked Questions

    As a member of Pure Love Rewards you will receive exclusive access to seasonal previews and updates, promotions, rewards and events. In addition, every purchase you make in-store or online will earn you points. Every three months these points will be converted into a reward voucher.

    Pure Love Rewards Benefits

    Exclusive seasonal rewards and vouchers

    Seasonal updates

    Exclusive previews to sales and promotions

    • Access to events

    1. How Do I Become A Member?

    You become a member by subscribing either in-store or online at purebaby.com.au. We require a name and email address.

    2. Who Can Join The Program? 

    The program is open to anyone aged 18 years or older.

    3. How Do My Pure Love Reward Points Work? 

    For every $1 (AUD) you spend in-store or online you will earn 1 reward point*. You need a minimum of 200 points to qualify for a reward voucher and they will be distributed according to the following table:

    Loyalty (<200 points) Bronze (200-499 points) Silver (500-999 points) Gold (>1,000 poimts)

    Spend under $200 in a season.

    Reward - N/A

    Spend between $200-$499 in a season.

    Reward - Receive $20 voucher.

    Spend between $500-$999 in a season.

    Reward - Receive a $75 voucher.

    Spend over $1,000 in a season.

    Rewards - Receive a $150 voucher.

    *Points can only be earned in Purebaby stores (outlets or standalone) in Australia or online at purebaby.com.au.

    If you have any queries about how your points work please read the full terms and conditions available at purebaby.com.au or email us at online@purebaby.com.au.

    4. How Do I Earn Points In-Store?

    Store staff will prompt you for your name/email address when you finalise your purchase and your points will be added to your account.

    5. How Do I Earn Points Online?

    You will automatically earn points when you shop online at purebaby.com.au, as long as you sign-in to your account before finalising your purchase.

    6. Can I Earn Points In David Jones Or Wholesale Stores (e.g. Baby Bunting)

    No, you can only earn points in Purebaby standalone stores, outlets or online at purebaby.com.au

    7. Can I Earn Points On My First Transaction?

    Yes. As soon as you create your account you will start earning points.

    8. What Do I Earn Points On?

    You earn points on everything you purchase in Purebaby standalone or outlet stores or online at purebaby.com.au (this excludes David Jones, davidjones.com.au and non-Purebaby stores)*.

     *See terms and conditions for a full list of excluded stores.

    9. How Many Points Do I Earn Each Transaction?

    You will earn one point for every $1 (AUD) spent in-store or online. For example, if you spend $60 (AUD) you will earn 60 points.

    10. How Quickly Will My Points Show Up In My Account?

    Your points may take up to seven days to appear in your account.

    11. How Can I Check My Points Balance?

    You can check your balance by emailing online@purebaby.com.au.

    12. I Forgot To Make A Purchase Under My Account. Can My Points Be Added?

    No, unfortunately points cannot be added after a transaction has been finalised.

    13. Will My Points Expire?

    Yes, your points will expire at the completion of each quarter. Quarters run as follows: 

     Quarter : 1 January to 31 March

    • Quarter 2: 1 April to 30 June

     Quarter 3: 1 July to 30 September

    • Quarter 4: 1 October to 31 December

    14. Do I Need A Minimum Number of Points to Qualify For A Reward Voucher?

    Yes, you need a minimum of 200 points by the end of a quarter to receive a reward voucher:

     200 points equates to a $20 (AUD) voucher.

    • 500 points equates to a $75 (AUD) voucher.

     1,000 points equates to a $150 (AUD) voucher.

    15. How Often Are Reward Vouchers Distributed?

    We award points every 3 months across a 12 months period. Quarter one runs from 1 January to 31 March; quarter two runs from 1 April to 30 June; quarter three runs from 1 July to 30 September; and quarter four runs from 1 October to 31 December. At the end of each quarter your points will expire and your balance will reset to 0.

    16. How Do I Update My Details?

    You can update your account in-store or online at purebaby.com.au. Alternatively, you can email customer service at online@purebaby.com.au.

    17. Can I Transfer My Points Or Reward Voucher To A Friend Or Family Member?

    No, points are personal to an account and cannot be transferred to another person.

    18. How Soon Will I Get My Reward Voucher?

    Reward Vouchers will be distributed within two weeks after the end of the quarter.

    19. How And Where Can I Redeem My Voucher?

    Your voucher can be redeemed in any Purebaby store (outlets or standalone) within Australia or online at purebaby.com.au.*

    *See terms and conditions for exclusions.

    20. Will My Voucher Expire?

    Yes, reward vouchers are valid for a limited time only, as specified on the voucher. Once a voucher has expired it may not be used to make purchases.

    21. What Can I Buy With My Reward Voucher?

    Reward vouchers can be redeemed on any product in-store. Reward vouchers cannot be used to purchase gift cards or vouchers. They must be used in a single transaction and any outstanding balance will be forfeited.

    22. Where Can I Redeem My Reward Voucher?

    Reward vouchers can be redeemed in any Purebaby store (outlet or standalone) within Australia or online at Purebaby.com.au*.

     *See full terms and conditions for exclusions.

    23. I Want To Purchase Something More Expensive Than The Value Of My Voucher?

    Vouchers can be used as part payment. You can pay cash or EFT for the remainder.

    24. I Have Lost My Reward Voucher?

    Treat your reward voucher as cash and keep it safe. Purebaby is not responsible for any lost, damaged of stolen vouchers, and they will not be re-issued or replaced.

    25. How Will I Receive My Reward Voucher?

    Your reward voucher will be sent to the email you supplied upon subscription. As such, it is important to ensure your details are kept up to date.

     26. I Didn’t Receive A Reward Voucher?

    Please ensure your email address is up to date. You can check this in-store or online at purebaby.com.au.

     If for any reason you believe you were entitled to a voucher or the value of your voucher is incorrect please contact customer service at online@purebaby.com.au.

    Please note that if you have unsubscribed to our Mailing List, you will not receive any Loyalty Vouchers.

    Terms and conditions available here.