Bath time is easy when you have the essentials on hand. Our range of hooded towels, baby bathing products, growsuits and brushes will help make bath time a treasured experience.

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Bath time—a enjoyable and soothing ritual 

Establishing a calm and consistent bedtime routine is recommended as one of the best way to help little ones transition to sleep with ease. A bath is a wonderful way to do this. Preparing yourself with the right tools will help make the experience even more enjoyable. Every baby needs their own towel and our range of newborn and Essential hooded towels are perfect. Made from soft organic cotton they’re wonderful for easy wrapping and comfortable drying. Other essentials include mild, sensitive bathing products, a growsuit for easy dressing and a goat hair brush to stimulate your baby’s scalp. Shop our bath time collection now. Free shipping Australia wide on all orders over $80.