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Nesting Workshop

As soon to be parents, you’re about to embark on a thrilling, life-changing journey. We want to help make this process easier and being prepared with practical tools to assist you through the ofter roller coaster beginning is one way to do this.

Topics to be covered in our Nesting Workshop include:

  • Hospital and first wardrobe checklists
  • Swaddling tips
  • Tips for setting up for bath and sleep
Upcoming workshop dates: 
  • Thursday, 29 August - Highpoint - Guest Speaker: Johanna Clark, Nutrition
  • Thursday, 29 August - Bondi - Guest Speaker: Karitane:
  • Thursday, 5 September - Doncaster - Guest Speaker: TBC
  • Thursday, 12 September - Eastland- Guest Speaker: Angela Grace, Pregnancy & post partum dressing & feeling good
  • Thursday, 26 September - Highpoint - Guest Speaker: Bianca, Milestones & Memories
  • Thursday. 3 October - Doncaster -Guest Speaker: Kat,Milestones & Memories
  • Thursday, 31 October - Highpoint - Guest Speaker: Katrina, Baby Massage
  • Thursday, 31 October - Bondi - Guest Speaker: Karitane: 
  • Thursday, 7 November - Doncaster - Guest Speaker: Lydia, Post Partum care for your body
  • Thursday, 14 November - Eastland - Guest Speaker: Kat, Milestones & Memories
  • Thursday, 28 November - Highpoint - Guest Speaker: Bianca, Milestones & Memories
Upcoming one on one workshop dates - time dependant on date:
  • Thursday, 22 August - Chadstone
  • Friday, 23 August - Chadstone
  • Thursday, 19 September - Chadstone
  • Friday, 20 September - Chadstone
  • Thursday, 17 October - Chadstone
  • Friday, 18 October - Chadstone
  • Thursday, 21 October - Chadstone
  • Friday, 22 October - Chadstone

If you would like to enquire or book a place in an upcoming workshop please email


"Please refer to the below points which illustrate why I loved the session:

- Everyone was lovely, you guys did such a great job or creating a happy and exciting atmosphere. We spoke quite a bit with Alex and she was so helpful in relaying some of the hints and tips she had used with her daughter.

- As someone who has had 0 experience with babies (only child, none of my friends have had kids, etc) I found the information provided extremely helpful. It answered a lot of important things I was totally clueless about e.g. what should I take to the hospital? What is this swaddling thing I keep hearing about? What does bath time look like? Etc.

-One thing in particular I really like was it wasn’t just do this, this and this. The why of everything was explained which was very helpful as it will make me feel a lot more comfortable doing these things with bubba e.g good for the baby to wear a hat because the bone structure of their head isn’t fully formed so they lose a lot of heat out of their heads.

Overall I just loved it, made me even more excited than I already am for the arrival of our little baby girl. Thanks again for everything and if you had any specific questions or particular areas of the session you would like feedback on feel free to reach out an anytime.

Kind regards, Chris"  (Attended the 7/7/18 N/W at Doncaster) 

'It not only gave us the opportunity to chat with other soon to be parents but also to ask any questions we had about caring for our newborn baby. The lovely pregnancy tea, biscuits and goodie bag were also a nice little bonus. We would highly recommend this session to other soon to be parents. 

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us newbies. We hope others enjoy this session as much as we did.  Kindest regards, Gemma and Paul ' (Attended the 20/9/17 N/W at Chadstone) 

"I loved the workshop and the girls at Purebaby were so lovely and helpful.  It was wonderful to learn tips on how to wrap bub, bath and dress bub which definitely helped me being a first time mum and made me feel more confident when my little boy was born. I would highly recommend the workshop to any new mum to be. 

Many thanks, Karen" (Attended the 7/7/16 N/W at Doncaster) 

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